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Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, and Liability Investigations



Insurance Investigations

Statewide and National insurance carriers recognize ICORP’s investigative team as second to none in the industry. This commitment to excellence is why Esquire Magazine, Lifehacker, Radical Media, BFMTV News France and other media outlets have interviewed ICORP Investigations

Our experienced team at ICORP Investigations will provide you with the highest level of service for each and every investigation.

ICORP Investigations has a dedicated team of professional Investigators specializing in workers’ compensation investigations, medical malpractice, and liability claims investigations. Statewide and national insurance carriers recognize ICORP’s investigative team as second to none in the industry. Our professional investigators are highly experienced in gathering evidence which will help determine whether someone has filed a false insurance claim and/or exaggerating or feigning illness or injury. Our proven experience and ethical investigative techniques will ensure we find the information quickly and efficiently.

Insurance Fraud and Medical Malpractice Claims

Video surveillance obtained by ICORP Investigations Videographers will help to successfully defend against insurance fraud and expose those who are exaggerating their medical claims, in hopes of a multi-million dollar payday.

Personal Injury Claims and Exposing Personal Injury Fraud

ICORP Investigations has been providing insurance companies and personal injury defense attorneys with substantive video since 2007, enabling them to successfully defend against fraudulent personal injury claims and exposing insurance fraud. Our surveillance videos have bolstered settlement negotiations, hindered plaintiffs’ demands, and forced plaintiffs to settle for a fraction of their initial demands.