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NYC & Long Island's Top Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations use High-tech Technology to Connect with Clients
ICORP Investigations have assisted numerous clients find factual information about other people with the use of their state-of-the-art web-based technology. This technology has taken ICORP to the next level helping clients in need. 
New York's leading private investigative firm, ICORP Investigations has assisted numerous clients find factual information about individuals and businesses with the use of their state-of-the-art web-based technology. Since ICORP has partnered with Trackops, ICORP has been utilizing a technologically advanced online database system to stay connected with clients to inform them of updates and changes related to their case from anywhere - 24/7 - where Internet access is available. This new technology has bridged the gap between private investigators and client relations.

Gone are the days when clients had to settle for waiting until a private investigator was available to discuss their case. Finally, when someone was available to assist them, they would have to wait even longer for their investigator to access data about their case.

Client, Linda Gilman, PHR George Weston Bakeries, Inc. located in Bay Shore, NY says that, "ICORP Investigations has always served our Company's needs in a professional manner. Their staff is knowledgeable, courteous and very prompt with reporting results. Having on-line access to my account is an innovative way to keep up to speed with all pending assignments. Competitors beware; this is a top notch firm."

ICORP has successfully assisted their business clients with insurance investigations and even employee theft cases. In addition, ICORP has also helped individuals find verifiable information about spouses involved in infidelity with the use of photographs and their video technology. Other cases they have successfully handled include:

• Insurance Fraud
• Background Checks
• Child Custody
• Industrial Espionage

ICORP is highly-skilled when it comes to managing some of the most complex surveillance jobs involving workers compensation, long-term disability, personal injury, compensation cases, security, insurance cases and much more.

People choose ICORP because they provide all-inclusive, efficient and affordable investigation services. Clients also appreciate the fact that the investigation agency does not outsource other investigators to work on their client's cases. All client cases are handled in-house with the highest level of privacy. Most of all, ICORP is committed to providing their clientele with professional and friendly private investigative services.

About ICORP Investigations Inc
ICORP is a full service detective agency, offering private investigating services. They cater to the needs of insurance companies, law firms, other businesses entities, and individuals residing in New York, Long Island and other locations. In addition, ICORP is a fully licensed, insured and bonded private investigation firm founded by Steven Santarpia and John Egan.

ICORP Investigations
New York City
245 Park Ave, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10167
T. (212) 572-4823
F. (212) 572-6499
NYC Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations Gives Major Reasons Why Cheating Spouses Should Hire Private Investigators
ICORP Investigations gives top three reasons why victims of a cheating spouse should consider hiring a private investigators to find out the truth. 
NYC leading Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations gives top three reasons why victims of a cheating spouse should consider hiring a private investigator to find out the truth.

According to a recent survey, 92% of participants admitted they would be unfaithful if they knew they wouldn't get caught.

Although there are many people who discover their spouses have cheated on them, there is an enormous amount of people who will probably never find out the truth.

Married couples who are unaware their spouse is cheating are putting themselves at high risk legally, emotionally and they are putting their health at risk as well.

1. Legally protect yourself. In some states, when a spouse commits infidelity, this can be used as grounds for a divorce including states with no-fault divorce laws.

2. Protect yourself emotionally. If you have a constant unsettling feeling that your spouse is cheating on you, this can cause emotional wear and tear on your body. Once you discover what is truly going on with your spouse, you can finally begin to handle the situation.

3. Protect your health. When your spouse is committing adultery, this can put you at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If your spouse is involved in adultery and he/she is not using condoms, they are ultimately putting your health in jeopardy. If you find out your spouse is cheating on you, you can take the necessary precautions to protect your health.

ICORP Investigations led by Steven Santarpia and John Egan has become a leader in the investigative industry by helping several clients save time and money. They utilize a state-of-the-art online database system to keep their clients updated via phone and email 24/7.
In a recent interview ICORP's CEO Steven Santarpia stated "Helping clients who are the victims of their spouses cheating give me hope, knowing that they will not be going through that anymore and can start to repair their life.

The private investigations team at ICORP Investigations has years of experience and only uses in-house employees. Unlike many private investigative companies, they do not subcontract investigators from other agencies to work on their clients cases.

Most of all, ICORP Investigations is fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of New York.

The private investigation team offers free consultation for all of their private investigative services. Their private investigative services includes: Domestic, Spousal Surveillance, Child Custody, Background Checks and Insurance.

For further details about ICORP, visit: nycprivateinvestigatorsinc.com.

ICORP Investigations
New York City
300 Park Ave, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10022
T. (212) 572-4823
F. (212) 572-6499
NYC Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations Uses High-Tech Video Surveillance in Child Custody and Divorce Investigations
Infidelity in marriage can lead to divorce and a brutal child custody battle. ICORP Investigations helps clients in NYC and Long Island. 
It is suggested that a spouse should avoid searching for infidelity signs by themselves without the help and expertise of a professional private investigator. Often times, negative experiences from one's past can cause a person to immediately assume every situation is a sign of infidelity and even cause one to falsely accuse a spouse of being unfaithful.

A suspicious spouse can avoid the hassle of determining whether or not they are married to a cheating spouse by hiring good New York City & Long Island private investigators.

"When it comes to infidelity, you can't beat irrefutable video evidence from an experienced Private Investigator," according to NYC and Long Island private investigators at ICORP investigations.

Clients who have hired this team of highly-skilled private investigators to expose the truth in their domestic investigation case have received the results they need to prove whether or not their spouse has been faithful. Individuals who have discovered the unfortunate reality of a cheating spouse were able win their case in court with the help of solid evidence of infidelity with video surveillance.

Providing State-of-the-art Video Surveillance

New York City private investigators, ICORP Investigations Inc. specialize in Family Law Investigations as well as other areas of law. Because of ICORP's determination, drive and special attention to detail, clients are able to receive fast results—not to mention the time and money saved.

The New York private investigations company provides clients with hourly rates/flat rate packages and video documentation, transfer to DVD. In addition, the private investigation team provides professional investigation reports with inserted high-definition photos and surveillance video clips.

Providing Clients 24/7 Access to Their Case with Trackops

Traditionally, clients would have to wait until business hours in order to find out the status of their individual case. Today, technology such as Trackops enables companies like ICORP to offer clients full access to the status of their case. Clients can log on to the web-based program to review updates of their case 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

ICORP Investigations Company History

ICORP Investigations Inc. was founded in 2007 by Mr. John L. Egan and Mr. Steven Santarpia. The licensed, insured and bonded New York City private investigation company handles a variety of complex surveillance cases ranging from Home Surveillance to Long term disability.

ICORP Investigations
New York City
300 Park Ave, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10022
T. (212) 572-4823
F. (212) 572-6499

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