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About Us

ICORP Investigations provides Social Media Background Reports to law firms, insurance companies, third-party administrators, human resources and background screeners. No background report is complete without one.

We offer a comprehensive review of the ten most popular social media sites, which includes an in-depth Google search. We then interpret the social media data to customize the needs of our clients. Our Social Media Background Reports save our clients valuable time and money.

Going Dark?

It only takes a click for a person’s social media record to vanish and never be seen again. It is imperative to act early in order to obtain valuable intelligence from a social media site.

Reports have shown that at least ’40 percent of subjects “Go Dark” within a few days (and even hours) of a claim being reported.’ Attorneys are now recommending to their clients involved in a claim to “Go Dark.”


More and more companies are looking to ICORP Investigations to assist with their recruiting and hiring. These companies understand the value of our Social Media Background Reports. If your human resource team is in need of a proper, in-depth background search, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Screening for Industries include

Companies looking to screen possible candidates know the importance of running one of our Social Media Background Reports. Acting quickly to find out the truth about a person’s social media activity is not only advised, but an important step in obtaining crucial information about a potential employee.

We offer: