Revolutionizing Surveillance Investigations

Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, and Liability Investigations




Our Videographers are recognized in the industry as surveillance EXPERTS. Our team provides video surveillance footage in high definition, which provides incriminating evidence to defend against insurance fraud and settle medical malpractice lawsuits. HD surveillance video is clear, powerful and compelling to juries.

When it comes to video surveillance and every aspect associated with a surveillance investigation company, no other agency can compare to the premium services that ICORP Investigations, Inc. can offer you and your business.

ICORP Investigations Videographers have extensive knowledge in:

When it comes to producing video surveillance, it is not about simply creating a video – it is about understanding how our subjects think and behave. It is about being able to anticipate their moves, and properly capturing them all through video documentary.

With over millions of dollars at stake in numerous dishonest and inflated claims, the return on your investment in ICORP Investigations, Inc. is undoubtedly vast. Our services are known to pay for themselves.

Next Day Surveillance Video Our clients are able to view their surveillance video the very next day on our portal. We believe our communication with our clients is second-to-none with every aspect of an investigation. ICORP does not want to be just another average company. We strive to be the best investigative company each and every day. That starts with hiring the best investigators available and investing in new technologies to exceed our clients’ expectations of what an investigation company is capable of.